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Technical Support Guides
Dear All of Our Customers.

"YOU ARE OUR CARE". We maximize the  availability of our experts. equipments, material, tools and time to minimize your total operating cost that is the top priority for all of us at Han My Viet Automation. Our way of achieving that builds on interaction, on long-term relationships and involvement in your processes, needs and objectives at all touch points for end customers and channel partners

Touch Point: You can get our support anywhere and anytime through  our touch points below:
Product search: You can find  products' information, make order and communicate  with us in our website
Yahoo messenger; meet our experts in real time
Call us for free
Email: Send us your request, order, complaint, and recommendation for further detail.
Forum: Forums are placed on our websites to create a way of communication between others customers and our experts who share knowledge and experiences of our products and services
Webinar or Web seminar: we can offer training events, short presentation or discussion through text-based messages, voice and video chat in the real time without distance constraint. From any computer
Facebook: Meet and  share your experience of products and services with our customers in the whole country
Online customer survey: We are welcome any complaint or recommendation from you via telephone, email, fax, direct mail, forum, webinar, facebook, messenger etc. To  help us to improve our services to exceed your expectation by answering our online questionnaire
Direct mail: Send us your request in printed document via direct mail
Telephone: Call us to serve you immediately
Fax: Send us your requirement at the mean time
Staff (Sales people, Service Engineers, delivery employees and accounts): Meet us at our head office or our distribution agents for a real help. If  remote support is not satisfied
Hotline: Call us in the emergency cases
Trade Shows: Visit us in the trade fair for attracted products and promotion programme
Wholesalers and retailers: Contact us in our agents near you for a help
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Software Download
Warranty Centers or Service Centers
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